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What is inside our plastic filled eggs? 

Making Quality Plastic Eggs

Our high quality, American made plastic eggs stay closed well and are easy to open.


Our eggs are filled with your choice of wrapped candy or toys.


Each egg is two colors with a total of six different colors for Easter. 


Our halloween eggs are purple and orange.


We sell our filled plastic Easter eggs in bulk quantities of 1,000 filled eggs per box.


We can also sell smaller quantites of 250 per box.


We use one piece of wrapped soft candy per egg including: Tootsie Roll Midgees, Smarties™ (large three pack), and large Tootsie Rolls™ (6 flavors), and Slo Poke.



We use one toy per egg with toys that are suitable for ages 4 and up. The toys are randomly selected and include one of the following:

• Smile Clip•Spin Top•Mini Compass•Mini Tattoo• Space Cruiser• Ducky Erasers• Neon Spiral Ring• Animal Eraser• Mylar Spin Tops• Crystal Gem Ring



Easter temporary Tattoo• Easter Rope Bracelet• Being-Good Golden Coin• Comic Puffy Sticker• Glass-Like Animal


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